holding globeFor years now, Blueshore Recovery Systems has provided superior recovery results and client satisfaction. As a nationally recognized, privately owned, and fully licensed collection agency, we specialize in the collection of both consumer and commercial accounts.

Success with our company begins prior to the placement of your accounts. With a combined twenty-seven years of experience, we pride ourselves on understanding¬†your company’s needs as well as tailoring solutions to not only meet, but exceed, those needs.

business_people2By connecting resources through our partners, we are able to analyze data factors to customize work strategies on a client by client basis. We have unparalleled resources at our fingertips, which we utilize on a daily basis for reporting, screening, and recoveries. 

We’re committed to servicing our clients with ethics being the forefront in Blueshore’s Solution Model. With this model, we guarantee results and we continue to thrive in the industry.